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Deposit Express uses the “Buy Now Pay Later” framework to pay the deposit on the Purchaser’s behalf to buy Off The Plan properties.

Are we right for you?

Who is Deposit Express for?

Don’t burden the Bank of Mum and Dad to provide cash for that 10% deposit. Deposit Express can provide it interest free on your behalf.

Are you downsizing but don’t have the 10% deposit? Use Deposit Express to pay your deposit and defer selling any assets including your home.

Have you saved and invested to get that 10 % deposit? Deposit Express can provide the deposit and you can keep saving and growing your wealth.

4 easy steps

Approval Process​

Step 1 - Application Form

Complete our 10-minute application form found HERE

Step 2 - Review and Acceptance

We will give you an answer within 2 business day and let you know if you meet Deposit Express’s performance requirements. 

Step 3 - Customer Agreement

If you meet our requirements, we will provide you with our formal Customer Agreement to sign

Step 4 - Transfer Deposit

Once we have received your signed Customer Agreement, we will transfer the funds to the Developer’s agent or solicitors trust account. 

Step 5 – Repayment

Generally 2 weeks after settlement, see our FAQ for more details.

We provide real solutions

Why our customers love us

Privacy is our Priority

We use bank level security protocols to secure your information.

One of a kind service

Australia’s only Buy Now Pay Later provider for your deposit when buying off the plan. 

Speed and certainty

We have a dedicated local team who will assess your application and answer any questions you may have

Straight forward paperwork

We have developed straight forward paper work but there are big dollars so we always suggest you seek advice. 

Do You Want Help With Your Deposit?

See here if you are eligible.